Monday, June 12, 2017

The things Grandchildren Say

at a recent visit to the Bacchus Marsh mob.

1. Owen and Alannah (now at 5 yo, in here first year of school)  take gran onto the garden owen is asking names of respective plants. On about the 14th plant to be named. Gran paused to think on the name of a small Himalayan shrub with small multicolour flowers. The delay was too much for Alannah, who pointed out to Gran , very coyely , that " that's the second one you don't know the name of."

2. Later I was interrogated . The question was "what's the name of the substance that behaves like a liquid, but is solid" hmmm I thought. Baaap too long. "It a non Newtonian liquid Pop. "  Alnaana went on to explain all about non Newtonian fluids , what they are , how they behave, she even had are recepie for same.

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