Friday, June 23, 2017

FW: Day 6 Friday - Mooloolaba to Wide Bay Bar

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Subject: Day 6 Friday - Mooloolaba to Wide Bay Bar
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Up at a sparrows fart, and away at 6:00am bound for Wide Bay Bar. Swells have been moderating for a couple of days now it appears we are not the only ones held up in our efforts to get north. We are accompanied by 10 other yachts. Plus pairs of whales all slowly swimming, sailing or motoring north. The whale sighting is brilliant.

We are keen to make an evening crossing. Some of our companion boats veer off under Double Island Point to stay the night and do a morning crossing.

So the crossing. All good, in fact very busy we are the second boat to start our way thru, at 3:45 pm, with at least another 8 behind up. It got a bit jiggly, and we has a small nicely controlled  surf. Fishermen, who must have been holed up for at leas a week were also keen to get is was a it of a challenge as they passed with net booms fully extended.
A yacht behind us got pooped and turned around and headed back out to sea. That must have put the wind up those yachts lined up wanting to come in.

All good for us. Anchored up at Pelican point by 4:45pm.

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