Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mikaela's first school report.

Mikaelas end of year report. How sweet!

End Of Year Report- Mikaela Scoutas

Where has this year gone? I still remember the week or so when Mikaela started here with us in Nursery Two and just how far she has come since then. Yes some days are harder than others but once she has cuddles she is then ready to explore (just like a little bird leaving its nest for the very first time). Mikaela likes to stay by either myself, Laura or Andy's side which is completely fine as we like having Mikka's company. What we have been doing is encouraging Mikaela to be more confident in socializing with her friends. Which has been working great.

Mikaela has shown us how capable, independent and bright she really is. When having a conversation with Mikaela it's like I'm having a conversation with a full grown adult. She speaks very clear that is just out of this world. And she defiantly knows how to speak her mind. Especially when she doesn't like it what her friend is doing.

Mikaela's interests over the past year have included art and craft, physical such as kicking the ball into the nets, books, animals, dramatic play and especially the sandpit. Mikaela now when we ask for her papa and bear after sleep time she has no problem handing them over. Yay Mikaela! Not only Mikaela cares for herself but she is taking interest in caring for others too. When her friends are either hurt or sad Mikaela will help them with by saying "You okay?" and gives them a cuddle.

Because I'm not with Mikaela next year makes me very sad that I'm getting a bit emotional just thinking about it when writing her report. Susan and Dim you have the most caring, loving, cleaver girl that not only your proud of her but so am I. Thank you so much for this opportunity to take care of Mikka and to watch her grow into this social butterfly she has become today. I really appreciate it! But then again Mikka is nearly two! Hoping she will be with me in my room :)

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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