Monday, October 24, 2016

Alannah's First Sleepover

We have a very brave little granddaughter here. Alannah just turned 5 a couple of weeks back was keen to come for a sleepover. Has been for some time now. So far, we have built sand castles, gone swimming at the pool, had treats at home, read some really great books, done colouring and pasting and rearranged the dolls house numerous time. And of course Alannahs favourite ..... had numerous tea parties.

And that is just one day. We have a little sleeping beauty as I write, getting her beauty rest, preparing for tomorrow.

Oh, and some quotable quotes.
getting ready for bed is "getting jamied up"
playing shopkeeper, she can only carry two ice creams at a time. One for here and one for her dad, so Owen misses out on his request.

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