Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Peregrine Gets Some Love and Maintenance

Peregrine is back in the water after slipping and maintenance in preparation for a trip to Tasmania over Xmas. We are undecided as to whether the trip will be cruising or racing. Early enquiry with insurance companies suggests that the costs will preclude racing. 
So the work plan was to:
service the motor, 
polish the sides
strip and antifoul the bottom
remove and inspect the rudder bearings
service the thru hull fittings
re-tension the keel bolts
get an insurance inspection from Brendan
clean and 'Propspeed' the motor leg
replace anodes
reattach the engine cover mounts and patch the sound insulation

Peregrine looking pretty back in the water after slipping
 A keel tip repair was required after a small slipping mishap. The tip was epoxied back on the further secured with 2 SS 10mm bolts skew screwed back into the parent metal.

 There was some cracking and rust beading where the keel is attached to the bottom of the hull. The keel bolts were re-tensioned, the offending cracks removed and re patched with epoxy, glass and filler. The cast keel surface was in good rust free condition.

 When Mark the mechanic removed the prop to replace the anode he discovered the prop shaft was broken thru the cotter pin hole. the shaft was replaced with a second hand one at $500. (New is $1,000) . Interestingly, Kim Murphy discovered exactly the same problem with Juno when she came out a week later.

Porp cleaned and back on after shaft replacement.
The rudder shaft bearings were in good condition except for some corrosion pitting on the lower bearing seal face. The had damaged the 'o' ring which was replaced with new. The damaged area was epoxied and cleaned up. The rudder inspection was very timely. No water had made its way into the bearing to damage it. A new set of bearings would have cost $4,000.

 We felt that the corrosion to the seal face was as a result of the proximity of the incomparability of the antifoul and the aluminium. so a compatible antifoul patch was painted around the rudder stock.

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