Sunday, June 23, 2013

Big Find at the Markets Today

Gaye and I go to the Sunday Market from time to time, sometimes coming home with a bit of bling or a book or two. Today was rather more productive when I found two planes, Stanley 45 and a Record 405 plough planes. Whilst both will get used, I recon the Record is a user and the Stanley a collector. Cool huh.
Here is a link i found to the user manual for the Record 405: 
And a link here to info on the Stanley 45:


Ray said...

Very nice indeed Geoff, what of the wooden planes? I have a small collection.

Monty said...

Hi Ray, I' am making every effort to resist the slippery slopes of wooden planes. I'm highly attracted to them, but I know that as soon as I start I won't be able to stop, and there simply won't be enough room. That said, I do have a very nice wooden plan, possibly a Matheson, but not sure. I' post a pic shortly for you.